Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Odd Man In

Today I spoke with Sir Rowland about a trip we will be taking in May. We got out the Road Atlas, and started reading through it, highlighting a route. Talking about National Parks Me and his Daddy have been to. Talking about how his Grammy cannot wait to see him, and how he will be able to see the ocean for the first time. We can pick up shells, and listen to waves.

We open the Atlas, and start thumbing through talking about the United States.

He then turns to a map of Washington state and the following takes place.

Sir Rowland: "There is Seattle, Chuck and I have been there."

AWTM: (confused look wrinkled forehead) "Who is Chuck?"

Sir Rowland: "Oh Chuck and I go way back, we are old friends."

AWTM: "When was this?"

Sir Rowland: "We drove, it was fun, Chuck is a great driver."

AWTM: "How old is Chuck?"

Sir Rowland: "He had a map."

Sir Rowland: "Mom, you do know I am just making this stuff up right?"

AWTM: "So Chuck is a pretend friend?"

Sir Rowland: "I am making this up."

AWTM: (this is weird, wrinkled forehead remains)

It appears Sir Rowland has a new friend, or alter ego if you will. I was told Chuck likes everything Sir Rowland likes. They go on trips together. Chuck "gets Sir Rowland".

Seems a little odd to me.

And it reminds me a little of Calvin and Hobbes

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least Chuck is a good driver. *g*