Monday, January 22, 2007

Hook Needs You!!

VA Mortgage, is sponsoring a wonderful contest for mil-bloggers. In which the winner gets a cash prize. There are many great blogs nominated. But frankly it has come down to a race between CJ ,Acute Politics (new and fresh) Mr. Blackfive, and Hook. A very hard decision to be sure.

But since Mr. Blackfive knows famous people, and gets billions in TV appearances,(and keeps insisting pirates are cooler than Ninjas) and CJ apparently has some sort of fan club and is in the lead. Hook needs our help!!

Since SpouseBuzz was nominated, but is lacking in the vote department I to am going to ask you a favor. (By the way, whoever nominate SpouseBuzz, thank you for the mention we were flattered to be in such great company, we continue to strive to find out what the mil-spouse community needs and deliver)

I know, I know, I keep asking you folks for favors. I do. I ask you to write soldiers letters, and de-lurk, and give money to certain charities, and spread the word, heck I even ask for personal tech help.

However CSM Hook is in the need of a little help. CSM is a married gentleman with 4 hungry boys to feed. Money to get to the 2007 mil-blogging conference goes to groceries is my guess. I only have 2 small children and I think of buying a dairy cow for milk and cheese once a week.

He is also planning to donate what does not get used to the, Fischer House. There is also this, Hook is an active duty mil-blogger who continues to put a positive message out. The mil-bloggin community does need him at the conference. I am sure there will plenty of talk about what kind of message and how the real news can be read.

I think he will come away inspired by the fellowship. I also think he will head to Baghdad feeling energized and supported by the military community, and ready to spread to pro-victory message!

At last years mil-conference we had such good fellowship. It was also a great time to net-work. As you in the military community know, it is a small World, and most of us end up separated by 2 or three degrees. And I heard more than once "Where is hook?". He was missed!

Folks he has less than 24 hours to get about 200 votes! Lets push this.

He needs EVERY VOTE!!


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Anonymous said...

I voted a couple of days ago. And it looks like he's well in the lead now. :) Yay!!!