Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Project a day

When the New Year rolled over, I got to thinking, I can do better. I need to get things done before Spring. DH will be away at school, it will be me and The Collective. In fact he has a busy year. I have a lot of other things I would rather be doing than "cleaning" and organizing. And Spring Cleaning can be over whelming. So I have taken it upon myself to complete at least one small project a day in addition to my daily duties here at Casa De Dust. And if time permits, I do another.

Todays project, this hideous junk drawer.

*does one really need to organize a junk drawer?*

I wonder what I will find in there?

Oh, and I am guessing, this is as braves as I get. You will not be getting any photos of my closet!!

ok a fuzzy photo of the fridge...and that is it.

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