Friday, January 12, 2007

No no no...Conceive in the back seat!

*play the song while you read*

*Oh and note I tried to find the theme song to the 80's show TAXI to no avail, only since they always had a woman having a baby in the back of a cab.*

Today was an odd day at Casa De Dust. Unusual. This morning was supposed to piddle and laundry day. Only to interrupted by a commissary trip. (I know it sounds like we are always there, but we eat out about once every 2 months.)

Anyway, so I am lounging in my robe, and fluffy slippers folding away. The Collective are playing and fighting, and playing, and then we hear a siren. I am paranoid enough to think, OMG my house is on fire. So I open the garage door and peer out, see nothing, so I walk out just a bit.

HOLY CRAP, the firemen are at my neighbors house. The neighbor who is due to have a baby any day now. OH OH I hope Mother and baby are ok. CRAP.

HOLY CRAP, the firemen are all standing around her car in the driveway. Firemen all surrounded at the back passenger doors on both sides.

HOLY CRAP I need to get dressed. Run in the house, get dressed, wash hands. Warn the kids to stay in the front hallway, "stay right here, do not move the neighbor is having her baby in her car." Run out of the front door, literally 20 feet and say "hey I am an LPN, do you need help".

Fireman #1: "yes, where you 5 minutes ago?"

Poke my head around to see Daddy cutting the cord, and go in the house to wash his hands. I congratulated Mother, and left ASAP. I am sure she really did not appreciate the fact that she was lying in the back seat of her car in the driveway having a baby, and the neighbor from across the way is right at the end of her "business".

Holy Crap. I think Mom and Dad better hang on tight, I am sure this is going to be one unpredictable child.

Serious, this shit happened right out the front door. One cannot make this stuff up.

So far Mother and Baby are fine.

*also note here, this is the same woman who could not believe that I stayed at home until I was 9 1/2 cm diilated with Pink Ninja*

Damn I have a photo of Sir Rowland in the front door watching and Blogger won't load!!


Anonymous said...

I get vultures and you get a baby being born. Geeze, why can't my life be that interesting... oh wait... never mind. I think I want my life to slow down some. GRIN.

Anonymous said...

And I get Indy.