Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Advice WANTED...

Rarely do we see a call out for ADVICE in the blogosphere. I mean real, warrented, and wanted advice. Cetainly advice is given in droves. Even when people do not want it. (I am guilty of that)

However Sarah, is asking for ADVICE. She is considering pregnancy! (Sarah, was one of the first Mil-spouse blogs I read.) she is really a classic in the blogosphere. And then I got the chance to meet Sarah in Texas, while at the first SpouseBuzz conference.

When I met Sarah, I thought this "she is really American wife", flag waving, apple pie eating, stand by her man with integrity kind of lady. However, she is funny too, she had me cracking up often. Even if she took off like a flash, and left me struggling to re-dress in security.

Anyway Sarah begs the question...
Am I ready to be a Mother?

I'm scared to death of raising a child. I know it's something I want to do, but I wanted to keep it in the vague future. Someday I would be a mother. But someday is upon us, and my mother is right: I need to start thinking about specifics if we're really going to have a family.


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