Monday, January 29, 2007

Dreaming of David Lee Roth...

Last night I made stir fired shrimp and veggies. I found myself hungry at 11pm, and had a small stack of ritz crackers. (the dumb box with Rachel Ray all over it)

I woke this morning, discombobulated.

I had spent part of the night dreaming of odd things.

I will blame DH. A couple of nights ago he mentioned, if he had the power of time travel he would have told Eddie Van Halen that the synthesizer was a big mistake. "Do not do it Eddie, resist the urge".

For some reason, thoughts of David Lee Roth wove way into my dreams again. (This the second time since blogging). This time, I was his agent of all things, and trying to get him a job at Dillards, in mens clothing of all places.

*note here it was not the balding Dave,

It was the 80's Dave, complete with spandex pants and all of the hair. It is very hard to find a guy like that a job.

Honestly probably the best front man for a band EVER...even better than Mick, or Plant.

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