Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some Soldiers Mom on ABC news...

I know Some Soldiers Mom, I have heard her speak, I have met her. She is a strong, intelligent and supportive Mother. ABC asked her to be on, the other day to get a Mothers feelings about "the new plan" in Iraq.

Please go over and watch the piece, read her, about her experience on ABC news the other day.

I had a similar incident happen recently. The BBC contacted me re: a possible interview with Richard Lawson, after the Presidents speech on the new plan. They called me, and my supportive stance "was already being represented". And when I wanted to speak to them about Global terrorism, they wanted to ask me "how I could send a Husband into battle". It seems as though they were looking for a Wife that would proclaim her disdain for the military and those in power here in the
U.S. So after a 30 minute phone discussion, I was pretty much (in best British accent) "just not what we are looking for".

I watched Carlas interview, and I do not think both women were granted equal time. Which, I should have expected. The oppsing view, was also a Michael Moore henchman, and big in the anti-war movement. This information was conveniantly left OUT by ABC.

And so the liberal media continues to feed people crap.

I would like to point out a great source of intelligent information, and news.

THREATSWATCH, go there, bookmark it.

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