Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursdays = Boring

Casa De Dust, boresville today. Which, I suppose is OK. I really did not want any major event to garner a bunch of attention.

I did wake up and head to the gym. I thought, huh the truck feels odd. Did not figure it out until unloading the collective out of the back. A VERY LOW tire. So I headed into the gym. Had a great workout today, a lot of yoga and weights. Anyway, so I headed out and went the the gas station down the street. I was lucky enough the air thingy worked. (I swear they are all out of order). I have to fill the tire. Before I go any further here. I can fill a tire, I can change a tire etc. However filling a tire makes me uber nervous, I think it might be a phobia. Actually filling the tire full of air does not frighten me. I am sure I am going to overfill the damn thing, only to have it explode in my face causing me to go blind, and be disfigured. And no I am not kidding. It is a pretty irrational fear. Yeah I am a nut case. Still it scared the be-Jesus out of me.

I managed to fill the tire, checking the pressure gage about every 3 seconds, looking like a paranoid freak.

The good news I filled them bravely, and was really quite pleased with myself after it was done.

So it is filled.

I am also guessing, I have a damn slow leak in it. So truck will have to go into the shop for a bit one day. I am going to have them fix the tire....And I will need to buy a pair of replacements soon.

More irritating than my filling tire phobia, is the fact that I am frankly quite tired of things going caput around here. It seems like every month I have this $500 dollar emergency. Frankly I am tired of it. I need some personal things, like new walking shoes, a new pair of jeans, dainties....

I cannot look nice of if keep spending every dime on repairing things around here. It is beginning to drive me nuts.

I am still thankful everything is picking a month in which to show its ass, can you imagine EVERYTHING happening at once. NO FUN..

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