Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Mouthful of milk...

I stop in at chromed curses about 2 times a week or so. And this week, I caught this piece on women.


She really says it all through most of the her piece. And I too am going to admit to past and present snark. I will also add it is something I work on daily. And a trait in myself that I loathe. I will say, since I am far removed from it being a stay at home Mom...I do not miss the daily political things that have a tendency to go on at one's place of employment.

I then find myself over at Oddy's place and see this RANT

So as a Mother and a Woman, I am ashamed. Honestly. I know I can do better, and I can even raise children to do better.

So "clink"! Here is a toast to doing better!!

*P.S. I still think those Bratz dolls are skanky*

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Anonymous said...

Well I was going to leave some words of wisdom, except there is a closed trash bag behind me with a toy in it that has a siren which hasn't stopped in the last 24 hours. Thank goodness tomorrow is trash day.