Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thank You

The other evening I was sitting here in Casa De Dust blogging, and I recieved an e-mail from Major Z.

I went to Walter Reed again on Wednesday. I’m now scheduled for surgery #34 on the 9th of February. They’re going to do another skin graft into my left hand, hopefully to increase the web space in my left hand, and also a Z-Plasty (imagine Zorro carving his mark betwixt your thumb and forefinger.) Lovely. Although that was the purpose of my visit, the true highlight was meeting three young men who were spending Christmas (and New Years, and probably Easter) on ward 57. I spent some time with each one, heard their stories, and shared my experiences with them. I tried, at best to give them hope, and at least to prepare them for what is coming.

They all agreed to let me publish their pictures and addresses with their story. Folks, these guys (and their families) are going to spend one of the greatest holidays in the worst places—because they served you and kept you safe. Please, take a little time this week and remember them, give thanks for them, and maybe even send them a card or a small gift. (It’s okay that it won’t reach them by Christmas, as long as it does reach them.)

Go over, he provides you with an insiders look of Walter Reed, there are pictures of these brave men, and the BONUS...
There are addresses! I think that a Thank You note to these brave men, would be the only way to start the New Year. Go get your pens, and write a note. If you can think of a gift that might cheer a young man up send it.

Thank You.

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