Monday, January 08, 2007

On The nightstand

A trip to the library was in order today. I got the above title for myself.

In addition, Sir Rowland got his FIRST EVER LIBRARY CARD, he filled out the paperwork, and signed his own card! He was proud and excited, and I was too. Pink Ninja was a bit sad, that she too did not get a card. I did try an explain to her that as soon as she can write her name, she can get one!

I got the idea from a this book ...

Sir Rowland and Pink Ninja recieved a signed copy for Christmas from Aunt Leggy! Aunt Leggy, always sends The Collective books. And I love her for it. She always picks funny titles, and new writers in the childrens book world, that I am not always familiar with.

The love of books will be passed to another generation!

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