Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is LOVE...

He made arrangements before he left and asked one of my friends to pick them and up and bring them to me. He then wrote out notes on post-its and gave them to my children to sporatically put on my vanity mirror when I'm sad to remind me of how much he missed me and loves me. The love that inspired him to record a video telling me of how he can not wait to come home to me. Now all of this may seem fine to some of you who have overly romantic husbands. My husband is romantic as well, when he's here. He has done some pretty extraordinary things in the past while he's been home, but he has never done anything in anticipation of a deployment before. This is our 4th deployment since 2001 and it has left me simply overwhelmed with those moments that make me cry, and miss the man that my husband has become........even more then I did before. God please keep my husband safe.

And a new blog, I have not read. And it made me cry. Well said, and an amazing 4th post. Darling we will all pray he comes home safe too.

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