Thursday, November 02, 2006

Not Fair

*The Collective, ready for a horrifying roller coaster ride at the state fair*

So we had "ride tickets". Let me pre-empt this with the following. "I myself do not like rides." Nuff said. Sir Rowland, kept scanning rides. He was unimpressed with all of them, especially ANY ride that went into the air at ALL. This includes swings, ferris wheel...anything that went higher than my head.

So I finally see a SMALL roller coaster for kids it is small. So I strap them in, tell them it is going to be fun, and I watch in horror as Pink Ninja holds Sir Rowlands neck.

They are the only children on the ride with white hair. So as the rollor coaster carried them through some sort of frightening hell. All I could see was WIDE EYES, and white hair, and looks of absolute horror. Then it takes off, and it is FAST!! All I can see is Pink Ninja clinging to her brothers neck, Sir Rowland hanging on for dear life, and fighting for air. Fearful of choking to death, but to afraid to let go of the rail to loosen her death grip.

And like a horrible Mom, I could not help but begin to laugh hysterically at my own 2 spawn. I was laughing so hard, I was bent at the waist with tears in my eyes. Thinkig "what in the Hell did I just do, to these kids", "This is not fun for them at all" "Put more money away for therapy"...and I laughed and laughed.

The ride stopped, and DH and I retrieved them right AWAY!! Me trying to wipe the tears, and ridiculous look of hysteria off of my face.

Yeah, that was pretty much "it" as far as rides went. Sir Rowland, did not like the "fast motion, and bumpiness, and noise". Pink Ninja would have went 100 more times, if she had a neck to cling to.

The Merry go Round was a hit, in fact Sir Rowland and I had such a lovely time, it would have been fun to go twice with him...

*AWTM, and Sir Rowland, enjoying the Merry Go Round....*

I am sure I am going to hell....


Anonymous said...

I laughed when you told this to me on the phone and I have to say... I had tears coming out of my eyes from laughing when I read it. I can sooooo see me doing this to my children.

Anonymous said...

I am SO not a fan of roller coasters. And I think those small ones are almost worse than the big ones! I love merry-go-rounds, though! :)