Monday, November 13, 2006

Eon Flux

I am enjoying having my Sissy here. We have been enjoying a drink in the evenings and playing Scrabble, and laughing. Listening to 70's music, which for some reason I know all of the words to. She is my senior by 7 years, and she always had a stack of 45's and a radio going. DH is about to go batty from all of the Lou Rawls, Earth Wind and Fire....and the giggling.

I had to a lot of small things to catch up on round here the past few days. There is also preparing for Pink Ninja to turn 3, Thanksgiving...

Sissy and I were in transit today, and I spoke with my Dad...

Me: "Dad you will not believe what song is on the radio?"

Dad: "what"

Me: "Jerry Reed, she got the gold mine, I go the shaft." (Sissy and I dying of laughter, because not only is it a ridiculous song, we both are "country enough to know all of the lyrics)

Dad: "Have you seen the news?"

Me: "No"

Dad: "I just heard Arkansas might have to go back to Iraq."

Me: "Well yeah, this is a long fight, we figured it would probably be 2 years, I haven't heard anything. When DH wants me to know, he will tell me. Because finding out about an upcoming deployment, changes things. It makes things weird."

Dad: "Yeah"

Me: "Well have a good day, we love you."

Dad: "Love You too"

End Scene....

Tonight DH came home

DH: "Did you watch the news?"

Me: "No" (I do not watch news in front of the children, this was a habit I started while DH was in Iraq, I watch news when they are in bed)

DH: "Well I had a lot of phone calls today, it was busy."

Me: "why?"

Blum said he believes that Guard combat brigades are prepared and willing to make a second trip to Iraq if needed.

He said the first units to deploy in the war such as the 30th Infantry Brigade from North Carolina, the 76th Infantry Brigade from Indiana, the 53rd Infantry Brigade from Florida and the 39th Infantry Brigade from Arkansas would probably be among those first called for a second tour.

"Logic would lead you to go back to the ones that went first, and start going around again," said Blum. "But that's probably not exactly how we'll do it" because the decision will depend partly on what types of units are needed.

Blum also said the Pentagon will no longer break up the brigades and send them to war in smaller units. He said Guard brigades are more effective working as teams.

So now I feel like I am 10 steps behind myself, trying to mull everything over in my head. This is too much for my head today. To much to think about. I am proud of DH, and this mission, but I was not quite prepared for this news today. I knew there would be another deployment. I just did not know when.....heck I still do not know when. The waters are murky. There has been no definitive answer, or timeline...

I can hear Dh behind me chewing his gum, and working on his laptop, and it is quiet in my kitchen tonight, too quiet.

*UPDATE*addressing an e-mail I was sent. I am aware the war on terror is not two years old. To clarify, I thought my DH would not have to be re-deployed for about 2 years. Oh, and my biggest problem with this, is the way we ALL found out. A press release? A press release? This is how we inform American families? That bothers me.


Richmond said...

Oh boy... You will be in my thoughts. And you're right - that's a crappy way to find out.

Unknown said...

You know you will be in my thoughts for sure. And as to how you heard.... well, you know how those journalists are. They think they know what is best for everyone and that they should be allowed to print whatever they like. I know I work for a newspaper; but at least I work for a small town one that has a conscience. If you need anything.....

Lee Ann said...

Sorry I'm late in reading this. Goes without saying that you all will be in my prayers. Not only for if that day comes, but the days before, during and after them.

And I agree, a press conference is not the way to let our families know this may happen.

Sending lots of warmth to wrap around all of you.

Roses said...

My brother-in-law did his year and a half in Iraq already.
I can't imagine what it was like for my sister, but I was nervous every day he was gone.

Surround yourself with happy thoughts and strong people.

God's blessings to your entire family.