Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More growing pains...

Yesterday was certainly a challenging day here at Casa De Dust. Pink Ninja, and Sir Rowland, managed to push all of my buttons all day. Nice.

They did seem to improve as the day went on.

However Sir Rowland will be 5 in January. This is a struggle for him, and Dear old Mom. I am not ready for 5. Five? I have a 5 year old? Holy Moses. When did this happen? Was I not paying attention. Sir Rowland has started to act his age part of the time, there is "that struggle" that happens. I remember hearing my girlfriends talk about the "smart mouth", and "talking back" thing that starts happening around 5. Yeah it has started here. He also likes getting in the last word. Which is always infuriating, because I want the last word. I am currently trying to get him to say "Yes ma'am" as his final word. That way, he gets the last word in, and I am happy, and he looks polite.

He is waking at night with leg pains, and foot pains. I guess DH did the same thing. I do not recall having these "growing pains". Poor little guy. Sometimes they happen at dinner. It is always legs and feet. He is growing fast.

He is going to be 5?

I remember the day he arrived, like it was yesterday. Most of it not good....That is another post all together.

But last night, before bed, as we sat here reading his book on the Atlantic Ocean. He looked at the unmarked map of Continents, and Oceans and he pointed to the great Lakes and said...

"Mom, that is Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Eerie, Lake Ontario."

I stopped for a moment, and said, I think you are right buddy, but lets check with your Dad. (I have tendency to transpose

-yeah he was right, and I have no idea, when he memorized it. When he was looking at the globe in his room? Was he looking at a book? Did he learn it watching the weather channel?

I have no idea.

10 minutes later I am cleaning 1/2 a bottle of baby shampoo off of every surface in the bathroom. This was done by the same kid that just amazed me by identifying and naming all of the Great Lakes.

His punishment?

$1.oo for shampoo wasted
$1.00 for labor


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Anonymous said...

Great idea... hit him in the pocket book... no more thomas trains. ;-) Though I like the statue idea a lot. Hope today is going better.