Monday, November 20, 2006

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions

Thanksgiving is in how many days?

Holy Moses.

Christmas is when?

For the sake of Pete.

So I have a few things, that I have let slide, I need to get on top of and SOON.

First of Pink Ninja has her first Dental appointment tomorrow. This should be interesting. Whereas Sir Rowland will not consume sugar readily, Pink Ninja should wear a feed bag filled with sugar around her neck.


However, her visit, should be less time consuming than Sir Rowlands all day visit. She loves being fussed over, the Dentist will feel like the beauty parlor to her.

There are also thank yous to write. To those of you I owe thank yous I AM SORRY for being late. The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.
They are on the way.

Also I need to be making my Christmas Card list. So if you have moved, or you sent me your address EVER ( I probably lost it.) If you recieved a card last year, resend your address. You know who you are, and you know how I lose things. I am not good at managing paperwork. DORK!

I also have a couple of small packages that need mailing. That must be done this week.

There are drawers of clothing that no longer fit "The Collective", also summer clothes are ready to be moved out as well. (low priority)

I also must get back to the commisary this week for a few last minute things for our Thanksgiving meal. Which is my favorite meal of the year, to prepare and eat!! YUMMY!!

I am going to go old school, and cook what DH and I grew up eating. I will post the menu this week, it is a pretty standard "working class midwest menu"...

Oh and there is preparing the house for Christmas. Making a list of what is left to do, etc. Plus, I have Pink Ninja's birthday, my Dads birthday, my twin nieces birthday, Sir Rowlands birthday. A lot of shopping, and things to do.

I did decide that the neighbors will be getting wine again. I do not think I have time to bake for everyone, and it will take a little pressure off. So there is that. I also am blessed to have DH home for this Holiday, and we will celbrate alone in our home. Of course there is an open door policy, if DH has any military men that are alone for the Holidays they are always welcome.

I better get off my duff and MOVE!!


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