Sunday, November 26, 2006


The Christmas stuff was retrieved from the attic by DH the other day. I went through all of the boxes, I cannot use about 75% of it. It is either antique or glass.

I believe in making the Holiday a pleasent one for all of those involved. So I kept most of the things in their boxes.

I did remove last years "non breakable ornaments", and managed to sneak a few breakable ones out for the tip top of the tree. The collective loved helping with the tree.

However, I automatically noted there were some very important items missing

1 plaid tree skirt
1 hand embroidered Christmas Goose made by DH's Grandma
1 luminary style nativity
1 wooded LEON
(it really is a Noel thingy, but my Mom and I used to call them "our Leon's" because we think we are funny)
1 sak of faux holly, and garland
1 small nativity scene
1 glass Santa plate

For 2 days I have been freaking out, wondering where this stuff went to.

I asked DH to look again in the attic.

Today I found a box in my kitchen, as I was about to open it, DH entered the room, and said.

"I am surprised at the accuracy, in which you recalled the missing items. They are ALL in this box".

The only thing
I was surprised at, were the rope lights, 5 boxes. DH purchased them last year after Christmas. Otherwise I had recalled the missing items. Piece by piece.

Not to shabby for someone with about 20 large boxes of Christmas stuff to go through.

Now if I could rememeber what day of the week it was, I would be dangerous!!

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Anonymous said...

Holy smokes... can you come figure out what I have???