Saturday, November 04, 2006

Guilt ...

I wrote a post called "Dancing" the other day. And in it I expressed, the feeling of guilt I have for "not wanting to hear THE STORY" of just how lucky I am to have DH. A part of me feels as though in protecting myself, I have let him down, and have really shown weakness.

You can read the original post here.I woke this morning alone, DH is away at Guard this weekend. I hate these weekends, they are LONG.

So I open my e-mail and find this.

AWTM: this comment was was added to your post SpouseBuzz.

Let me down? I don't think so.

I did not have a cell phone that would call back home during most of OIF2. The majority of the calls home were made at one of the contracted phone trailers. Inside these were twenty-odd fabricated phone stalls that were covered with the most wonderful "Joe" graffiti in the world. What constantly amazed me while sitting there during each phone session was the atmoshpere all around you. Every range of human emotion would be going on at the same time. Two phones down from yours, there would be the new baby phone call. The phone behind you there would be a fight. On your left would be someone crying, and on your right would be three Indonisian contract workers using one phone to call their village back home. Someone would always be talking way to loud, and someone would always be listening to you as well. I will admidt to adding quite a bit to the artwork in these places - but always had positive messages for others to read.



I am blessed...

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