Sunday, November 19, 2006

Has anyone ever died doing this?

The die hard yoga lady, is missing her yoga. I also think the instructor noticed, because she has been throwing enough yoga into class to make me happy. Long sun salutations with weights, which is very challenging.

This new class I am taking, is crazy, every day I show up, we are using a different set of props. Thursday was the stability ball and weights . Every time I hop on to this thing, I immediately just think danger. There is a red light blinking in my brain. The actuarian in me starts calculating risk etc. I seriously asked my instructor if she has ever fallen, or worse, had a student die on the damn thing.

She assured me no one has ever been hurt. HA!

So we do this move in the photo. I forget the name of it, I was too busy trying to stay alive. I do think she referred to it as a pike move or some damn thing.

It hurt, 10 of those things about killed me. But I walked away breathing, well kind of hunched over...but I did not die.

What also kills me, the fact that 10 years ago, if I did these results would have been immediate. I did not require any exercise to look fit then.

And now I spend hours literally afraid I am going to die from these crazy exercise props...

And I cannot tell I am working my ass off when I stand in front of the mirror. That is some unfair shit. Aging is great emotionally, but physically it is sooo unfunny, I cannot even begin to tell you.

If you are 20 something, enjoy being smoking hot with little suck.

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