Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cookies and Candies, and bars OH MY!!

*This will stay up at the top!! for a couple of days!! I WANT YOUR RECIPES!!*

Calling all BAKERS, Calling all bakers!!

Tis the Season for baking and making, and shaking.

I am in need of some SOLID people pleasing cookies, candy, or bar recipes!!

So I have an idea. If you are a blogger post it, we want your recipe. If you have a photo, even better.

I will be linking all of your Recipes!! A sort of Christmas Online Cookie Recipe EXHANGE. If you do not have a blog to post your recipe, please put your recipe in my COMMENT section!!

Also, send and e-mail, or use a trackback, or comment, so I KNOW you posted a recipe.

Lets try and get this done this week too. So Friday night I can link these up for the weekend!!


Unknown said...

better late than never, lol. I have a cheesecake square recipe posted on my site.

Anonymous said...

ok, posted.

Anonymous said...

My Mom posted this last year on her blog. One of my favorites. I will also be posting another recipe in a few days on my blog.