Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Its a Wash

You may recall me mentioning that I am currently awaiting a part to my beloved Fischer and Paykel wash machine. Up until this time I have had 0 complaints about this wash machine. I was in fact almost in love with the damn thing, until I returned from Texas to find it leaking and not working. "A pump" being the culprit.

Tonight I am at the "coin laundry".

I have not been at the laundry mat for about 8 years? Who knows. My favorite laundry mat was in Lincoln Nebraska, on 27th street in the middle of tea town, where DH and I, also lived. The place was called Laundry Land. It was full of students. Some sort of desert southwest theme running through the place. Fairly clean. They had pool tables, (which I never used) , there was a snack bar in the damn place if I remember right, each table had its own television. I was working 3-11 shift at the time and attending college, my DH was also working, I think at the city jail 11-7 and then going to school full time. Our schedules were uber wacky and we rarely got to see one another. The Laundry Land was always buzzing, always busy.

Normally I did the laundry, although there were times DH did manage the laundry. Once in a while we would go together. I honestly, did not mind going to the laundry mat. I could do 8 loads at one time, I had it down to a science. 8 loads, wash/dry/hang/fold, all done within a 2 hour time frame. I miss having all of my laundry done in 2 hours. I really do. I spend that amount of time doing wash every day.

So I am sitting here tonight under heavy fluorescent lighting, listening to the beeps and hums, 4 people in here, sitting FAR AWAY from one another, no eye contact.

There is Mr. Tidy. He has 1 load of laundry. 1 load of laundry! (ahhh) He is watching a movie, even thought ahead and brought Quiznos, and some soup.

There is a silver haired lady hanging up her very neat looking clothes, 4 loads. Smiles, but hasn't spoke.

There is the mandatory lady with the huge lawn and leaf bags full of laundry. I am not sure how many loads, she used the "big load" washers. I think there are at least 8 of them going. She looks tired.

There is "the dude" throwing all of his wash into whatever machine despite color or setting. If his Mother were here she would be telling us all, she taught him better than that. Then she would tell him, that he "might not be Wednesday night in the laundry mat alone if he learned to wash his clothes properly".

Then there is me. Sitting here clicking, and trying to entertain myself, unable to read blogs tonight, because I cannot seem to steal a wireless signal from this area of town.

I can recall a hilarious story about DH doing the wash in that Lincoln Laundry Land.

DH goes to the Laundry Land to do wash. Not a bad place to go, the place is full of coeds, I am sure he was entertained. He washed all of our fine laundry, puts it in dryers...And waits. BUZZZZZ....Laundry done. So he gets his little rolling basket and proceeds to unload the dryers. He is folding clothes, and then comes across some very sexy knickers. He is thrilled with what he thinks is "my new purchase", and he gives them a spin, and folds them. He finds new panties after new panties, he is smiling, and happy. I am sure he was looking forward to some fashion show, probably grinning happily.

Let me pre-empt this with this...DH embarrasses easily. Not me. Imagine that, but DH, OH MY, he is fair skinned, and can quickly turn very red, very fast. So keeping that in mind, imagine his surprise.....when....

.... He looks up to see two frightened coeds, and if I recall the "manager" of the Laundry Land, staring at him as if he is some sort of pervert. He quickly explains, he is a married guy, which frightens them even more, and then

tries to explain that he thought these were his wives panties.

Sure pervert sure...

BWAHAHAHahahahha, still cracks me up to think about it.

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