Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I love the smell of fresh teeth in the morning...

It smells like victory....

I feel victorious today, like some warrior sent off to slay enemies or monsters. I was so victorious in fact, that I felt like I needed skulls on a stick when I walked into the house. Victory is mine...

This Dental visit was a success in my book.

The x-rays not obtained at this time, due to Sir Rowlands highly charged gag reflex.

No cavities

The visit took the normal amount of time.


The bright lights seemed to bother him more than anything. Which can be helped if you shut your eyes. However shutting your eyes is hard, especially when the Dentist happens to be showing The Price is Right in the opposite corner of the room.

Sir Rowland was pleasant and his conversations with the staff were entertaining. They told him to hold the little bite wing thing in his mouth like it was a piece of candy. He replied immediately with, "you mean a vegetable? Because candy is not healthy for your body." They also offered him stickers, "stickers" thrill almost every child I know. Pink Ninja got an entire years worth of stickers after her dental visit, and left thrilled. Sir Rowland, hates stickers, he hates wings they give kids at the airport, he hates tattoos (temporary and otherwise), he does not like costumes, or face painting. The hygenist seemed surprised at his refusal of a gift, and then she said. "Sir Rowland, I have just the thing, how about a certificate for a pizza?" He immediately smiled, and said, "I love pizza, especially the FREE kind." His hygenist loved him, and wanted to keep him.

He also got a token to spend in a toy machine. He said to Pink Ninja, "I love you a lot Sissy, what do you want? Take your pick." She picked out a ring, and he gave it to her, the Dentist thought it was such a big boy gesture, he got another coin. He got a small plastic snake to scare his Dad.

When we departed, I felt so puffed up and confident, that I thought "hell, I might as well take these kids in for a haircut."

Mind you one of these "outings" 6 months to 2 years ago, would have been IT for the day. Sir Rowland....he is the one that has made these trips exasperating. Pink Ninja, always fine, even ALMOST shy during these visits. Taking Sir Rowland to these sort of events has been exhausting to me in the past. There is me anticipating a freak out, or dealing with said freak out.

see here...#1 haircut post, another haircut post, another haircut.

In fact the pre-blogging days, the trips to salons were frequent, and rarely good. There is the time DH tookSir Rowland (wondering HOW on Earth a haircut could be so hard for me to deal with) .....and he brought the poor kid in the house with 1/2 a haircut. Yes 1/2 a haircut.

Those days are gone. I can breathe during trips to the Dentist, and Barber...

I can breathe....and both of my children, sat tall in the chair for the entire time.

And I will end with this, a part of me is THRILLED, and the other part of me is crying her eyes out...

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