Monday, November 20, 2006

Retail angels

I woke this morning to find this in my mailbox!!

A sale!!

Not just any sale, a $25 sale!

Imagine my surprise, when I find the "dress" I have tried ordering 2 times!!


I have been wanting this dress for a while now.

I talk about it here,(it sold out) and here.(The post office damaged it, and when I tried to reorder, I found it would be late for the event) It simply began to look like I was not supposed to own the dress. I even thought the dress might have a jinx on it. Sort of like the little Hawaiian tiki thing Greg, from Brady Bunch found while surfing.

However, it looks like the curse is reversed!

So now the dress is available for $25, which is less than half of the original price. The bad news is, I do not think I have anything coming up, no opportunity to wear it out.

However, I have sweatshirts that cost more than that, and I clean toilets in them. SO I suppose I could wear it to clean the house. I could wear my pearls and everything. It would be like Leave it to Beaver, or I Love Lucy!

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