Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gobble Gobble

It is Saturday, a boring Saturday. The Collective's German farming genetics had them up at like 5:oo'sh. Ickkk...

Today is craft day, we are going o make "hand turkeys" with googly eyes. Here are a lot of Thanksgiving ideas for you that have little ones at home.

I have some Thank You notes I NEED to get out ASAP. I really ought to be ashamed. I also have some Christmas hand made gifts that I am working on, these need to get DONE!! ASAP. HURRY!!

We are waiitng for the out of doors to warm up!!
I need to run them around the block. Perhaps a household soccer tourney is in order.

So, today I am going to ask my "lurkers" (those of you who read, and never comment to say HI publicly!! Yes, that means you. While you are saying HI, I want to hear what you are doing today for fun.

Please delurk, I want to know who a couple of you people are!!

Have a great Saturday, I need to take pictures of the leaves they are gorgeous!!


The French turkeys say: "glou glou"

The Spanish turkeys say: "clou clou/goro-goro-goro"


Anonymous said...

Howdy From Hot Springs

the SO and I are going to go watch the little ones at our local Headstart paint a mural

Anonymous said...

Very awesome sites. Thanks!