Monday, November 06, 2006


Please go vote today. I had the good fortune of voting early. This was the first year I did not have "The Collective" with.

Normally I do take them, I make a big deal out of going, however...I just wasn't in the mood for wrestling and voting the other day.

I remember going with my Mother when she would vote. Voting would take place in my schools library, and it was ALWAYS a mystery to me. My Mother NEVER told me who she voted for, although I have an idea what party she was affiliated with, it was not discussed. She probably feared me opening my big mouth and outing her. I did have to stand "behind the blue curtain". Voting day was a day I could not wait for, and I have not missed an election since I have been able to vote.

This was probably the only time I vote sans "The Collective", because I think it is important they see me participating. In fact if you have a school aged child, I would encourage you to take them with you. What a fantastic tradtion to start.

*Do you remember when people used to dress to vote?*

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