Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I was one of the first to have you.

You have been there for every single important breath taking moment. You have witnessed more pain, and joy. You witnessed birth, death, hugs, homecomings. You documented the growth of my growing belly and my children.

You have been thrown in diaper bags, my trusty purse. I have dropped you on cement, into sand, you have been swiped by curious little hands, and your buttons pushed.

You could even shoot short film, you saw chubby little legs take first steps...

I had plans for us this Thanksgiving.

I guess I know what Santa needs to bring AWTM (although I had other plans, I am also asking the appliance gremlins to knock this shit off already. Please, you are getting expensive)

*seems appropriate that the last photo taken with you was Pink Ninja at her first dental visit...

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