Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Live From The Laundrymat/Weak Signal

*Warning* lots of nasty language, lots of it.

The wash machine repairman came to the house today to "fix" my machine. He came while I was at the dentist. So when I returned to the house, I put a load of clothes in the wash machine. AHHHH....clean clothes and bedding fresh from my machine.

And then I see, there is fucking water leaking out from underneath the bastard.

Tonight I should be out for one of my "pissed off " walks. The kind of walk where I crank music, and go until I am DONE. Because I should not be allowed to talk to a soul. I should not. I should smile I grit my very clean teeth...

What I thought, was a night of catching up with however much laundry has been generated, having a drink with my Sissy and playing scrabble has gone awry.

It seems as thought the M'er F'er repairman, did not "repair" anything. My washer is doing the same thing it was doing prior to the "fix".

So fucking thank you repairman. Thanks for listening to me, when I told you it was a "computer problem" and not a pump problem, thanks for wasting 11 days of my time. Letting me wait for the pony express to deliver a part that did not need to be fixed in the first place. You had better be here in the morning, and the next part that needs to be "ordered".

*On a positive note all is well with my teeth and gums, no cavities.*

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