Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today I spent hours at the airport. Hours...And I was proud.

I watched, as family, after family welcomed home loved ones from Iraq, Afghanistan, and boot camp. I saw signs. Some made with glitter, others made by a computer, some in a child's hand, and others in a Mothers hand. There were a lot of balloons too.

And I stood at the side, watching. Not participating this time. I watched at least 10 of these "Welcome home" scenes today. Each one made the tears come to the surface.

I guess I was transparent looking because twice I was asked "are you waiting for your Husband?"

"Nope, he is home this year"...

I stood and watched, and smiled, and cried, and I was so happy that these brave men and women were home.

I watched Mothers kneel to the floor thankful that they get to touch them for real. I watched Dads give sons tough guy hugs, with so many tears held back that these men looked like pain had overcome them.

I saw couples run into one another's arms, and people frozen.

And I saw kisses that everyone should get at least one of in this lifetime.

I watched Daddies meet babies for the first time.

I watched and I wept.

And I am proud.

Thank You Veterans.....


Anonymous said...

And thank you AWTM for all you have done and continue to do, on the homefront. To all of you "dependants" who have to be so very "independant"...when loved ones are deployed...our "thanks and prayers" are rightly directed to you as well. God bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks to every Veteran!

Maggie Goff said...

Thank YOU also, AWTM . You're one hell of a woman!!
I'll be at Sky Harbor airport tomorrow morning with the Arizona PGR welcoming home OUR men and women of the Arizona National Guard, deployed for the last 14 months in Iraq. And thanking their FAMILIES too. One of the guys coming in is the son of two of our PGR members. Boy, are they happy!