Monday, November 27, 2006

Daddy Deathwatch 2006 or If this was Scotch, it might be ok.

*the following is a transcription of a phonecall between my Dad and I from a few days ago. *

Dad: "I was in the basement the other day, and found some tomato juice your Mom canned."

(keep in mind here I am not a horrible daughter, I thought I cleaned out all of the canned foods)

AWTM: "really....?"

Dad: "I went ahead and opened it, it smelled ok, so I drank it. It was delicious."

AWTM: "what was the date on the jar?"

Dad: "you won't believe this, the date was 1983."

AWTM: "you do realize I would have been 13 then right?"

Dad: "your Mom sure knew how to can."

AWTM: "Dad it isn't wine or scotch, to drink 23 year old tomato juice is just not right. You could have died."

Dad: "It was good. If it would have been bad, do you think I would have drank it?"

AWTM: "yes."


Anonymous said...

:) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Fermented tomato juice. Your own bloody marys. Ummmm.