Thursday, August 03, 2006


Good Morning. For those of you concerned, my insomnia is back. Despite the tension tamer teas, with honey and lemon. Despite drinking nothing caffinated after 10am. Despite taking melatonin. So I am done with my affair, and I will no longer be obsessing about sleep, or talking lovingly about how I loved sleeping. It is gone. It is interesting to know that a surgical procedure, with its anesthesia is the only way for this lady to get some sleep.

It is going to be another balmy day. I am sitting here trying to come up with some sort of project for us all. It is seriously HOT, out, and has been for 3 weeks now. Very little relief in sight. On a realted note. Our current electirc company, has started buying from another source, which has left those in my district paying DOUBLE for our electric. This has been a major daily source of anger with me. (Just another reason for me to move to Wyoming, or Montana and live off grid, like some crazy person with DH)

I do have to run to the bank today, and if I am out and about I just might break down and take the kids to the McPetrieDishOfFilthPlayArea. Perhaps $1 ice creams are in order, after 2 hours of climbing and playing.

Oh and we need to get Cousin Curl a birthday gift, and cards. Darn, we will be missing another birthday. We miss her.

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Anonymous said...

It is seriously HOT, out, and has been for 3 weeks now.

Isn't it awful??? I went out to the mailbox yesterday and just about keeled over!

And one of our wacky news anchors was talking yesterday like the heat wave had just started in the last couple of days! I stared at the TV thinking, "Where have you BEEN for the past 3 weeks? Antarctica???"