Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Misty Watercolored Memories...Almost exactly a year later.

Ok, not watercolored, rather magna doodle memories.

Dash has taken to drawing recently. Something he has never felt confident doing. He writes words, letters, does math, plays tic tac toe, draws mazes. However, he has taken to drawing.

Of course as his Mother I am going to say, the pictures are not half bad. I need to get some pictures of his art work.

The other day he wrote 1 + 1 = and then he drew a zebra. The great thing is I knew it was a zebra. Why the math equation I have no idea, but he thought it was funny, and at the age of 4 1/2 I suppose it was. However I knew it was a zebra.

Saturday, he was watching Tom and Jerry cartoons, and used the magna doodle to draw a big cat complete with stick arms, round paws and stick claws, 3 to be exact shooting out of each paw. The cat had an idea bubble above his head, with an x in it. Next to the Cat was a smallish mouse, with detail, that I could not quite make out. Hey, A cat. So I said to Dear Husband, look at that he drew a cat, and it looks like a cat. Dear Husband said,"yeah, it does, and imagine it was the first time he has ever drawn a cat."

I was thrilled by his rendering of a cat, because I cannot draw. (Surprise) And his rendition of a cat was better than I could do.

Tonight Dear Husband and I note the magna doodle lying next to the couch covered in circles and squares and shapes of all sorts, I almsot dismissed the drawing. I then ask DH to ask Dash what it is, while I am washing dishes. So Dear Husband asks.

DH: "What did you draw?"

Dash: "Grandmas, grave, and me and Bulgy"

(Important to note here Bulgy is a wooden toy railway friend, that goes with his Thomas stuff)

Me: "What is Bulgy doing there?"

Dash: "well I was playing with him by Grandmas grave, and he fell into the hole, so I fell in after him."

Me: "What are all of these rectangle things?"

Dash: "They are stones."

Me: :"What is on the stones?"

Dash: "Flowers."

He had drawn a schematic of the cemetary from like a birdseye veiw. Complete with Grandma's grave area, headstones, people attending Grandmas service.

This did answer my Dear Husband and my question. How in the heck did he fall in her grave. I guess he was playing with his wooden railway friend, and it fell in.....

The stranges thing, well he drew the schematic, almost exactly a year to the day Grandma was buried....

Funny, how he could recall such detial a year later, and now we know how he fell in the grave. He was after his railway friend.....

A year later, we know why he fell in....


Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't know what catches my attention more... it was exactly one year or the bird's eye view. Nice to know why you had to fetch him out of the grave.

nEo said...

Dash continues to amaze me. He was going after a 'friend in trouble'. Great quality to have. I am blown away by his memory skills. He could be a future architect... ;)