Saturday, August 19, 2006

Its Getting hawt in herrrre...

Friday, the bank sign said 102 degrees.

This morning is telling me that it is 93 degrees FEELS LIKE 101, right NOW at 10:34am, in my fair city.

Really the heat has been soooo stifling, it is soon to make me crazy.

2 1/2 months of 100 degree temps? It is like living near hell.

The electric bills, are horrid. The cost to operate the Casa De Dust on electric power this past month $210.79. I will add here, that is in full conservation mode. Blinds are drawn, lights are off, unless they are in use etc..... The thermostat set on like 77 degrees...Which is too warm for our liking, but a girl has to do what she has to do.

Dear Husband has been trying to ride his bike to and from the office a 1 hour commute. He comes home soaked. SOAKED. Which has to suck. He also reminded me the other day, that in addition to the horrid heat. There is the "summer road stench", that comes with riding a motorcycle to work. Blech. I have only been so lucky to smell the summer road on a few ocassions. However since we are in Arkansas, there is plenty of road kill out there. It can ruin your day. Armadillos, I see at least 2 dead a day, deer about one a week right now, racoons, about 1 a day, opossum the numbers vary from 1-10 a day. The 101 degree heat, cooks them into a lovely road stew...

I think it is about time for another car wash day. The truck is dirty after all. Pink Ninja will hate it, after all it is WORK.

So it is the weekend, the kiddies and I in 100 degree temps, all of this ENERGY.

I need to talk to someone about installing a large hamster wheel that they can play on. Perhaps I could use the energy to cool the house?

On another ailing dishwasher cannot be seen by the appliance whisperer until Tuesday. So it is sexy dishpan hands for me until then. I have noticed, that the steaming hot water I use, has been wroking great on my complexion, sort of a poor womans, steam facial if you will.

Wish me luck directing the energy!!

You all have a lovely and cool weekend!!

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