Saturday, August 12, 2006

On Cousin Curl Turning 2

Today is a day, we hate being soooo far away from our family.

They would have had a load of fun today, the three of them giggling, eating cake, and singing Happy Birthday.

Cousin Curl turns 2 today. Where does the time go? She has ideas now, things to do, she knows who visits, and who is away.

I wish you plenty of noodles to eat, sweet ice cream, and home made icing to play in, presents to unwrap, candles to blow out, may you get some snacks to take to the neighbor puppy you love, hugs from Grandma and Grandpas, lots of pretty ribbons to play with, some special toys.

I also hope someone will take a lot of pictures, we want to see your party dress, and pretend we were there with you.

Happy Birthday, we do love and miss you........

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