Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Rising cost of living...

I am always amazed I do not read more about "money" on the blogosphere. Not much is said about it. I will say this as a stay at home mom, and with DH as a Federal Employee, some months are rough stuff.

I also will add here, that I never thought I would say stuff like...."I remember when gas was $1.25 a gallon yada yada ad naseum."

I also remember a time when a $100 bill in the wallet would last a week easily. It seems to me that this was not long ago.

I will say this, when DH bought the motorcycle, I was not a grand supporter of the idea. It really just meant another payment to me. However, I will say this, due to his commute, the money we are saving on the gas, is making the bike payment.

How I spent Friday:

gassed up the gas guzzling beast. $59.40
took Pink Ninja to ENT-co-pay $15.00
gallon of 2% milk for kids $ 3.79
bought razor blades $23.00

100 dollars gone. I will add here, that I do not run nilly willy all over town with this truwk. I try and conserve fuel, by combining trips etc.

I will say this, seeing the end of $100 is sad to me.

How long will $100.00 last at your house, give me an example, I would like to know!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember when gas was consistently LESS than a dollar! Heck, I remember when I was a kid there being gas wars when it ran 32 cents a gallon! Man, those were the days!