Saturday, August 12, 2006

Growing Pains....

*Photo of Dash pushing Pink Ninja 1 year ago!!

As a Mother, you have days where poof.

You realize time has been fleeting.

The things that made me realize this week that my babies are growing.

Shoes. The shoes that fit 1 week ago are suddenly 2 sizes too small. For BOTH!!

Clothing size. Pink Ninja wore a size 4T (she is 2 1/2) outfit, which I thought might drown her. However, it fit pretty good, a little big, but not bad.

Dash wanted to be weighed while I was at the Dr. the other day, he was 42 inches tall, and weighed 42 pounds.

Walking around with my little boy, who picks out his own clothes and dresses himself.

Pink Ninja wearing underpants for 2 days, no accidents. Washing her hands after going to the toilet, using the toilet on her own valition.

Dash reading more and more, building himself an office in the living room. Writing letters to people in which some of the words are spelled correctly, others phonetically.

Dash writing his phone number on the outside of an envelope to his Grandmother.

Dash getting his haircut, with clippers, and he sat through it, smiling and giggling.

Pink Ninja having enough hair for a bob.

Looking at photos from not very long ago, and crying....

Seeing a brand new baby at the grocery store, and remembering how it feels to hold my babies, and smell the tops of the heads.....and forgetting they screamed through the entire store.

These are the moments it is hard to be a Mother to me. The moments I have prepared them for, and the wings are spreading and they are flying....and.....well, that small part of me want them tiny FOREVER.

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