Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Time To Go To Bed

We read at least 3 books nightly here at Casa De Dust. All of you may know, that your children do like to hear the same story over and over and over again. Currently Dash is enjoying his Thomas the Tank books, anything about trains, anything. Pink Ninja is enjoying Dr. Seuss anything. Both children are allowed to take books to bed. I do not care if it 100 books. That is the one thing we learned makes bed time so much more pleasent. Dash reads himself to sleep, and Pink Ninja peruses the pages, she has memorized.

I am currently in love with the writings of Kevin Henkes.

The Collective were given a couple of his books by Aunt Leggy, who is a children's book fanatic. They love them. I love reading them to the children.

Last night the book was Owen, a great story about a little boy mouse, growing pains, and intuition, transition, and care...

A sweet story for certain. I do hope the library has the rest of Mr. Henkes books. I am also sad I have to return Owen.

A sweet story for bed time for sure.

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