Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Groundhog Daze...

Today while I was retrieving some e-mail, I had spam...most of it, under the subject that said, "We will show you how to practically rob banks". First off, I am not a criminal, and really we have all seen banks robbed on television. So big freaking deal. Note here, that I get this particular e-mail about 3 times a day. It is certainly better than the penis enlargement spam I recieve. No thanks....

However, today I responded to the e-mail, and said..

"I do not want to know how to rob a bank, and if you send me another spam, I am going to fucking poke my eyes out with forks. Please leave me the fuck alone...."

I think it may have worked. I have not heard anything since.

Who would have thought?

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