Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pinging in my head....

I have started in On Hillbilly Gothic, and am wanting to lock down with it already. And although my experience as a Mother and Daughter differs from the of writer Adrienne Martini. I am finding some of her thoughts and ideas pinging thoughts and ideas in my own mind. A thought provoking memoir for sure.

The most interesting passage I read tonight was one that included an experience of watching another Mother and Daughter interact. How that experience can be soooo different from our own. In fact in the book she equated watching another daughter/mother interaction like going to the zoo.

She also discusses at length, how socioeconomics effects our experience as Mothers, and Daughters, and Sons.

This caused me to think about a lot of very touchy subjects in my mind, and about my past. How I am currently feeling a little trapped by my own "limits", even though I know there are no limits.

How I need to start on this very personal project, because number one I am passionate about it, it is a great idea, and I am afraid of the failure, and afraid of the success.

Funny, how two chapters, can cause me to have all of this pinging going on in my head. Reminding me of where I came from, who I am, and what I need to do for my children.

And myself.

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