Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who would have thought...

While going through our bar, looking for a bottle of wine proper enough to serve with ribeyes last Friday I noted the strangest thing.

First off, we have a lot of liquor for people that do not drink much.

Second, there are more than a couple of jars in there. Home brews. There is a jar of mead wine, and even a jar full of clear liquid...*cough*....that is pretty smooth stuff, yowza.

There are a couple of jars of cherries, that have soaking in bacardi 151, since 1997?

Our bar is full of curiosities, there are chocolate cups you can fill with some sort of German liquors. I forgot about the starbucks liquor, that is so good over ice cream, and the Chambord. Heck, lets just say there were some surprises in there. Bottles of wine given to DH, from all over the world, all lying on their sides, waiting for just the right moment to be opened.

Oh, and the freezer, well that is another story all together.

It got me to thinking about my Family...

And Dandelion Wine

15 qts. water
Dandelion blossoms

Boil water, add blossoms and turn off. Allow to stand overnight. Next day, simmer for 1 hour, then strain and retain only the liquid. Add: 8 lemons 8 oranges 2 lbs. raisins
Place in large crock or plastic container. Ferment for 9 days. Stir twice a day. Place in bottles or jars until fermentation is complete. Do not seal the jars at this point. After the fermentation has stopped (the time interval depends on the temperature of fermentation), remove sediments by siphoning off liquid into clean bottles.

Again, allow the bottle cap to remain loose until no further fermentation takes place. Seal the bottles, store away, and prepare for some good medication!

PLEASE NOTE: If fermentation does not start within 1 or 2 days, add a cake of bakers' yeast, dissolved in 1 cup of lukewarm water. The bakers' yeast will replace natural yeasts that may have been destroyed by hot water in Step 1.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to have a party. :)

I don't drink. But lately I've been REALLY craving a Tom Collins... Not sure what that says. *g*