Thursday, August 31, 2006

Busy and Smiling about it.

Today was a good day. First off, cool out, The temperatures here, are dropping. I think the high was 90 degrees today. But when the sun goes down at night, I can open windows. Ahhhhh. I hope it is a sign of things to come. There is a breeze, and when I do open the doors, it does not feel like I have opened an oven, or incinerator. This means more time out of doors, more walks. Less $$$ spent cooling the house down. The Collective can enjoy the park, and fishing, without me getting roasted, and grouchy.

I also felt good today, the first day I have not been in pain, or had some sort of cramping since August 12th. No I am not kidding. I felt great. I also knew, I had better use this "good day" to my advantage. I had a lot to catch up on around here.

Today, was also payday, (always a big hit) which meant a trip to the post office to mail bills. (In an effort to conserve energy, and money, I consolidate trips.) I had to go to the library. By the way, we have a great library here in town. It sits on a small lake, and they even let you check out fishing poles. Which sounds super country, but wow, what a treat for a kid that doesn't have one. They also have a great selection of movies for all ages. Free movies, and you get them for 14 days. No late fees no nothing. We had to return Madagascar today. Which was a movie, we all enjoyed. Seriously, all of us liked the movie. The Collective have also learned the lyrics to New York, New York. Pink Ninja is in love with the hypochondriac Giraffe. Dash identifying with the lion, even requesting steak 3 times in the past 14 days. DH, snickering at the penguins. Of course I am entertained by the lemurs. The Collective were not happy about returning this movie. The librarian assured them, they could rent it again sometime. Dash also told the librarian, "I would like to be a librarian, when I get older, so if there is anything I can do to help you out, let me know."

Anyway, we went to the library to return our current books, and get new books. Pink Ninja is currently on a Dr. Seuss kick. There are a lot of Dr. Seuss books, I thought we had them all, but there are a lot of them....Dash continues to be on his train, and mechanics kick, but I have turned him on to Curious George. The little dude needs something light.

After the library, we had to do the annual Walmart run. I hate Walmart, I do, but until my local grocery store stops robbing me blind, and cleans its act up a bit, I go to Walmart. The Collective continued to be great, they sang to me while I shopped. They were thrilled I bought the biggest jar of Valassic pickles on the planet. Oh, and we were OUT of ice cream and sherbet, which creates a desperate feeling in this house.

On the way home, I had to stop and see my little man that runs a produce stand down the road. He always makes me laugh. Today he was fed up with customers asking if he had tomatoes, despite his 3 signs that said TOMATOES. He also told me okra is pronounced okre. He is very funny. I made off with 25-26 pound of tomatoes, 5 pounds of cucumbers, and 5 pounds of peaches.

When we got home, there was an adventure to be had....but honestly I will tell you about it tomorrow some time.

Tonight, I need to get my fanny to bed. You see, I have been busy. I had a request for lasagne, fruit salad, and a lettuce salad, which I honored. I also made an extra batch of lasagne for the freezer, and some extra tomato sauce for the freezer. I also managed to blanche and dice and freeze about 8 quarts of tomatoes, and 2 quarts of peaches.

I feel good. I didn't let anyone rub me wrong today. I was really too busy for it.

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