Friday, August 11, 2006

Sweet dreams are made of this

Or the stuff of nightmares....

Last night I was plagued by strange dreams. It seems as if I was getting some sort of liberal arts degree at some college. In order to get said degree I had to sing with a orchestra for a crowd of 500. First off I am a terrible singer. Second, to perform in a crowd, was making me very anxious. I spent most of my dream time in distress.

I was going to sing Cowboy Junkies version of Sweet Jane. What a weird song choice to make, and then when I was practicing I kept singing Walking after Midnight. I was so terrified of performing, that I spent most of my dream hours being lectured by some liberal professor that looked like William Hurt.

I woke this morning, tired, but oddly enough I am prepared to sing for a group of 500 or more.

On a different note, we are already out of doors this morning. It is overcast and cool. Dash is designing a railroad system, Pink Ninja is practicing t-ball. I am being a lazy sod and sipping coffee.

I will not be doing any housework out of doors today. Frankly there is enough inside to keep my busy.

I hope your dreams were sweet, and left you prepared for the day.

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