Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Will blog For Dishwasher....

My dishwasher is broke, if you recall. So I had made an appointment with a company I will call Searz. The dishwasher is about 5 months passed the 5 year warranty. (Of fucking course) Anywhooo, so the appliance repair guy comes, he should be retired. He is elderly, looks like he is in pain, has trouble crawling onto the floor. (Heck I have trouble). He looks stiff, and rigid, almost like he has Parkinson's. SO I made a comment re: "his job is not exactly fun for anyone over 40 year old". I wanted him to know, I knew he had a long day, and I could tell he hurting. He told me he was working so he and his wife could be medically insured, because they do not quite qualify for Medicare yet. I listened, and watched him, do everything I tried.

He leaves to go to the repair truck, and I presume, he is going to get a fuse, or something and Whala...Done, here is your working dishwasher.

Instead he comes in, with that little Sears computer thingy, and a white receipt of paper, with an estimate of labor and parts on it.


AWTM: Pale

Searz: Stare


Searz: "yeah"

AWTM: "You do realize I can buy a new dishwasher for that?"

Searz: "I figured that is what you would want to do."

AWTM: "Do you realize this machine is not even 6 years old?"

Searz: "Well, they do make them quieter, than they used to."

AWTM: "In case you didn't notice, I have 2 toddlers, a quiet dishwasher isn't exactly priority here, a working one is, one that works for 15 years would be better than quiet."

Searz: "Well, I have a coupon for $65.00 here, but you have to use it in the next two weeks, and the purchase has to be over $399.00."

AWTM: "Searz? You gotta be kidding me, Within the last 3 years I have had to replace every Sears appliance in this house, they all died 3-5 months after warrenty ran out."

Searz: "All of these machines are made in the same place these days" (Then he starts running a list of which brands are made in the same factories)

AWTM: "I am very unhappy"

Searz: "Well usually we do not have trouble with our appliances."

AWTM: "Probably because no one cooks anymore, do you realize I am the only wife that cooks 19-21 meals a week in my neighborhood?" (This is a fact I recently learned at a Southern Living Party in the neighborhood, I even had to wear a fucking tiara for the rest of the night for being the neighborhood domestic queen, I was also the only wife that knew how to cut up a whole chicken) "How are families supposed to make it these days?"

Searz: "Well I guess that is settled, I will leave the coupon here just in case, and by the way you owe me $52.57 for the service call."

AWTM: Turning RED....writing check, and handing it over.

So, I am looking for a dishwasher. I know what I want. I want a Fischer Paykel.... However, it is not in the cards right now, I am a SAHM, with crazy medical expenses, and a pending surgery. So I need to ask you, my readers to suggest a model, tell me if you are happy, let me know if I can get a decent model for under $500?

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Ogre said...

I suggest paper plates. :)

And that's after mis-reading the title of this post to be "Will Blog for DishWATER," and preparing 2 buckets before reading the rest...