Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fortune Telling Whorz

Ok, So Bratz, my favorite toy manufacture, has come out with a Fortune Teller....

Her name is Katie and she is a Magic Fortune Teller a Bratz Genie in fact, when you ask her a question she will move as she speaks to you and gives you 25 different personal fortunes as she does this her crystal ball will light up

You can also create a great look as there is make up included in the Bratz Genie Magic Fortune Teller

Ideal for the years of 4 and up

First off, does anyone else think this Katie looks like a whore? Second, is it such a great idea for a 4 year old to consult a whorish looking doll about her future?

*no offense to Ms. Barbara Eden....intended


Anonymous said...

She also looks just plain CREEPY!!!

Alli said...

somehow i managed to piss off every mother in my classes last semester by bad mouthing the Bratz.... its nice to know I'm not a lone.

At this one creepy as she is, has clothes on. Which is definitely more than we can say for the others... Still creepy but at least dressed.

Anonymous said...

That is just wrong.