Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fortune Telling Whorz

Ok, So Bratz, my favorite toy manufacture, has come out with a Fortune Teller....

Her name is Katie and she is a Magic Fortune Teller a Bratz Genie in fact, when you ask her a question she will move as she speaks to you and gives you 25 different personal fortunes as she does this her crystal ball will light up

You can also create a great look as there is make up included in the Bratz Genie Magic Fortune Teller

Ideal for the years of 4 and up

First off, does anyone else think this Katie looks like a whore? Second, is it such a great idea for a 4 year old to consult a whorish looking doll about her future?

*no offense to Ms. Barbara Eden....intended


Anonymous said...

She also looks just plain CREEPY!!!

Anonymous said...

That is just wrong.