Sunday, August 20, 2006

Once Bitten, Twice Whatever....

It is Sunday here in the sweltering Bible Belt. So I thought it would be a great idea to get up early, and take the collective to McPetrieDishofilthland. Dear Husband is away for a drill weekend, the dishwasher is broke, and it seriously feels like an incinerator the moment you step out of the house.

So we get to McPetrieDishofilth, and I am pleased. All of the good Christians are at church, and a few of us "not so good Christians" brought our Sunday papers. I figured I could get through part of the paper while managing the collective.

Well, when I go to McFilth, I usually plop myself in the middle of the play area, then I can monitor my children. There is a couple there, with the Sunday crossword, they have in tow 2 very naughty girls. The girls will not leave me alone, they want ATTENTION. They are about 3 and 5. I finally get up and move to a table, because despite the girls apparent need of attention, the parents are feigning such deep interest in the crossword puzzle they are unAWARE.....Of surroundings.

So I move us to a table, get out Pink Ninjas, crayons, and notebook. Dash goes to play a two person video game. The 5 year old girl goes to the video game where Dash is headed, and will not share.....She pushes Dash off of the chair, and he bit her arm.

For The sake of Pete. So I went over, popped him on the ass, made him apologize, told the "Dad", my son bit his daughter, but has had his shots.. And we left.

My 4 1/2 year old son bit a girl. For lands sake, I thought we were over this, I thought he really knew better.

I will say this, I doubt if I will have this problem with Pink Ninja, she knew the gig was up, went and got her shoes, grabbed my hand and did not say a word until we got home. She simply knew better.

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