Friday, August 04, 2006

Now here is the skinny....

on the trend celebrities have been "rocking" for about 8 months now...

The "Skinny" jean is back. I think the operative term here being skinny. These jeans are for skinny people, people with a cocaine problem (Paris Hilton), heroin users (Nicole Richie), oh and meth heads, oh and of of course any nu-bile 17 year old with the metabolism of a hummingbird (I loathe you, unless you can babysit). On a good note, I will not be owning a pair of these. I also think these horrid things are not much better than the "low rise flared" jeans. Both of these jeans are for 118 poung 5'9 and taller flat bellied types.

So I "the average Amercian woman" have been left out of the trend again. I am not thin, I am curvey, I have a "*mom pouch".

Also "in". Leggings under dresses, and long torso shirts. Which I think is flattering if you are young and thin.

I think Gauchos are "out", or at least I hope so.

So, it looks like another 10 years for me in my Levi 501's. I swear by them. I also think I may just just start wearing skirts more often. Because skirts alsways look nice. Legs, have been forgotten. My pregnancies did not ruin the lower 50% of my legs, so I think I will put them on display.

*That I will willingly have surgery on, if there is any sort of philanthropist that does not think World Hunger is a greater issue than my ego.

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