Sunday, August 13, 2006

Time Flies...

The weekend went swimmingly.

We took "the collective" to the dollar theater to see "Garfield a Tale of Two Kitties". A hit with Dash. He loves Garfield.

Pink Ninja, is on day 3 in big girl underpants!! NO ACCIDENTS. She is picking out her clothing, and dressing herself.

Dash has been held up in his corner office in the livingroom, working steadfast on several workbooks his Grandmother sent. WOW...he is 4 1/2, and completing these tasks, well above his age. The best part is, he is enjoying himslef, and finding them challenging and fun.

On another note, I made it through Pink Ninjas dresser, trying to organize it for fall, taking inventory, making a list of, she out grew almost everything.

I will go through Dash's things this week, with his help.

It is still Hotter than Hades out of doors. BAD.

I have no idea what we are going to do this week.

I made a delicious grilled chicken alfredo tonight...with REAL Alfredo sauce!! Oh and we had bruchetta!!!

Plenty of leftovers for tommorow nights dinner!!!! It was delicious.......

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