Friday, August 04, 2006

One Mans trash is another mans treasure

Pink Ninja had another check up at the ENT, today. It went well considering her last experience at the "ear Doc". Her resilient, independent,and happy spirit is amazing to me. They called her name and she got up and followed the nurse. No prodding from Mom, nothing. She walked behind the nurse, like she has done it 100 times. I almost felt dispensable. She also sat in the chair and let the Dr. check, and clean both ears without wincing. She did it all with her deliciously sweet grin.

On the other hand Dash, doesn't care for the "Ear Doc". She is very high energy, and talks a lot, she explains everything in detail to patient and parent.

Dash, must have shhh'd her at least 7 times, telling her "calm down already", "you need to calm down and take a deep breath". He had his hands over his ears for a lot of the visit. His auditory switchboard was sooo overloaded.

The entire time Pink Ninja smiled and was an angel.

How different these children are. How hard it is for me to see one child so HAPPY, while the other is wincing in pain from hearing a voice. Half of me is so elated at PinkNinja and her carefee spirit, and the other part of my brain is spinning. I am trying to figure out, what is bothersome to Dash? Why is his threshold so on the other end of the continuim? Is it my fault? Of course it isn't? Don't be a martyr. It is better than it used to be. But will it be better for school?

We walk outside, and the wind is blowing, and the skies are gray. Each kid has a sucker and a sticker, and while we walk to the truck, my head stops spinning, and it doesn't matter anymore.

We can sit in the car and sing Victor Vito for the 100th time this week, and his hands are not covering his ears.

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