Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Project Freezer

Is there anything better than home preserved food in the dead of winter?
Spending $2.78 cents for tomatoes in the dead of winter, and those expensive tomatoes taste like cardboard...ick...

I would love to can, but I really am nervous to take it on with "the collective in the house. It is time consuming, and all of the boiling and pressure cooker stuff makes me fearful of The Collective getting injured. (One of the drawbacks of being a nurse, seeing one burned child, yeah I am paranoid)

However, seems like all of the cool kids are doing it. G.R.I.T.S., did it, and even sent me the lovliest care package, filled with jars the color of jewels. I am not exagerating. Pear honey the color of amber, and strawberry jam that is the color of rubies. I have not dove into any of it yet, although I would love to. I am showing restraint, and waiting unitl Winter, like a good girl.

Gretchen shows me how to freeze tomatoes. Wow, I can do that. I have a freezer, and access to a lot of tomatoes at a great price!!

So, when pay day arrives, and I visit the little man down the road in his stripped bibbed overalls. I hope he still has tomatoes left, if I am brave, I might even get some peaches.

The thought of delicious chilli made with home grown tomatoes...

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