Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dishpan hands, the ultimate aphrodesiac....

The appliance gremlins must be up to something.....

VW's garage door is "broke"

GRITS, had her Water Heater leak or explode.

There is Tammi, and the car...

Oh, and now there is me standing in the kitchen at 9:40pm, handwashing dishes. The guy doing the drying is really hot. Something about a guy helping with the gets me weak in the knees every time.

In fact out of all of the problems I have listed, I would choose this one.

I think the pump is out.

I took as much apart as I could, but I am nooooo mechanic.

DH, is currently taking screws out, and checking things out. It could be a fuse. My guess is, it is the damn pump.

I wonder if I can get someone out here on a Friday? It is doubtful.

Just when I thought I had nothing better to do than paint my toes.

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