Monday, August 21, 2006


Are you an infant or toddler between the ages of 1 year, and 5?

Do you think you do not get adequate attention?

Do you wish everyone in a square mile radius would notice you?

Do you wish other people would talk about you, and give your Mother nasty looks?

Do you want the general public to think your Mother is a failure?

Would you like the neighbors to think your parents are "less than stellar"?

Do you like hearing the sighs of disappointment?

Than this is the perfect opportunity for you.

A limited 2 day seminar, food, lodging, conference materials, and hands on teaching by today's leading experts.

*600.00 is the cost of the 48 hour seminar, it does cover the expenses for the entire 2 day period. Travel expenses, missing hair, bite marks, or other bodily injury are not covered by Case De Dust Inc.

Todays post was inspired by the trip to my GP.

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